Loving your dog the way they love you

Loving your dog means fulfilling their needs. What she needs is far greater than food, shelter and love. Have you ever wondered why your dog who is loved, fed the best food ever and has a comfortable home still exhibits any of the below behaviours?

  • cries when you leave home
  • is agressive towards other dogs
  • barks excessively 
  • is protective of food and toys
  • is afraid of sound and objects
  • chews everything
  • jumps at visitors
  • pees or poops in the house

You may think she needs training and you might be correct. But You might have also seen dogs who are well trained, they sit on command and they heel on command but still are anxious around other dogs, or they bark at strangers, or they cry when their human leaves them alone at home. In general, dogs develop behavioural issues when their needs are not fulfilled and not because they are not trained. 

Remember, if your dog is chewing things up, he is telling you that he is board or anxious – please do something about it. If your dog is afraid of other dogs and barks at them, she is not asking you to avoid meeting other dogs – quite the opposite – she is asking you to help him find dog friends so she come overcome his problem. If she is overexcited and jumps at you, yes she is happy to meet you, she is also very excited. Excitement is not always a happy state of mind and other dogs do not welcome that either. 

So if you truly love your dog the way she loves you, then you need to devot more time to address these issues. We will work together and identify why she exhibits certain behaviour. We focus on the root, not the fruit.

My methods of addressing these issues are organic ones. I believe that “mum knows best” and always take the lead of other dogs in dealing with those issues. I don’t use any tools and I use my dogs to help your dog overcome their issues.

I spent years observing dogs in their natural habitat and around each other. I watched female dogs raising their pups and protecting them and learned fascinating techniques from them. I learned their language and how they communicate. Most importantly, I learned that in order to have a balanced relationship with your dogs and to enjoy this relationship to the fullest, you need to speak their language rather than applying human psychology and humanising them. You need to start treating them like dogs and fulfilling their needs and not your own. That is why I think it is best to have a well-behaved dog that a well-trained one.

Your dog thinks that you are the best person in the world, so be the person she thinks and fulfil her needs.


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